Meet The Committee

The Foundation’s outings give members access onto exclusive properties
(and frequently into private homes).This unique privilege deserves our respect and courtesy.

The Following Rules Apply:


On arrival, please go to the committee member who keeps the register. Please stay close to the leader so that the host can be introduced. On departure, gather around the leader to thank the host. Do not leave before this. But if you have to, inform the outing leader in advance.

On The Property

  • Do not touch anything / pick up porcelain to check maker’s mark / take books out of bookcases, etc.
  • Do not open closed doors / sit on the furniture unless invited.
  • Do not use the toilet without asking the host’s permission.
  • Do not take plant slips from the garden.
  • Do not voice comments about the venue to other members, positive or negative.
  • Positive comments may, however, be voiced to the owner, discretely.
  • Do not engage the host in private conversations while others are milling around.
  • Do not use the privilege of any event to organise private business arrangements or return visits with the host.

Photography Protocol

Before taking interior photographs, check with the outing leader that this is permitted. If allowed to take interior photos, use these only for personal or research purposes. DO NOT post photographs of any interior on social media – this is deemed a security risk.

Never post images of a location online (not with GPS co-ordinates nor the name and location/address attached, also not as a caption or “tag” such as the “check in” option on Facebook.

Some already “public” exterior shots, such as the gateposts or gables, may be used to illustrate posts to social media or to our Facebook page.