Do You Want To Apply For Funding?

The Conservator Trust is in a position to receive applications for grants. 

  1. Grants for the restoration or preservation of heritage properties will be considered. 
  2. Also grants for the publication of books and brochures that are of a heritage, history or architectural nature.
  3. The funding of interpretation boards and heritage signage will also be considered.
Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront

Grants Will Only Be Made:

To projects undertaken in the Cape Town area as defined in the Constitution of the Cape Town Heritage Foundation (Cape Town).

  • Projects must be completed within 12 months.
  • All grants will be to tangible visual heritage projects which can be viewed physically.
  • Grants will not be made for study or travel purposes.
  • All grants will be specific and may not be used for other or general purposes.
  • The appointment of architects, professional consultants, heritage consultants or other advisors and the appointment of builders and contractors are subject to Trustee’s approval.
  • Grants available up to a maximum of R100 000.

To apply please send us an email with details of your project