Pupils in front of Simon’s Town School c1815

School Blue Plaques

The Criteria/ Categories For School Blue Plaques

  • The age of the school (has to be over 125 years old to qualify);
  • An architecturally significant building (e.g. well-known architect; building style; etc);
  • The school’s outstanding contribution to society (e.g. oldest township school; first ‘coloured’ high school; first Afrikaans school in Cape Town; oldest independent school; etc);
  • The school’s survival under difficult circumstances (e.g. the South African War; Forced Removals; role in the Struggle for Democracy; natural disasters; etc);
  • Past learners or educators who have distinguished themselves (must no longer be living), and
  • Schools that have been closed and are lost, but nevertheless played a significant role in education.
Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School Main Building

Every application is considered on merit by a panel of adjudicators representing the Foundation and the Centre for Conservation. Schools must meet at least one of 6 criteria.